What is IBAN format?

Intenational identification number for bank accounts


IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is the standardised format for bank account numbers that streamlines and makes banking transactions safer, both in Andorra and the rest of the world. This coding system prevents errors, manual processing, delays and therefore unnecessary charges for the transactions performed by banks all over the world. This format is mandatory for EU countries, Andorra and other member countries.

In addition to the account number, IBAN format contains information about the country, the bank and the branch of the account.

Who must use the IBAN format?

Everyone must use the IBAN format for their banking transactions with third parties, both in the Principality of Andorra and internationally. This ensures that payments are fast and problem-free.

Whenever providing your account number, it must be in IBAN format.

What is the IBAN format for Andorra?
The IBAN format consists of the following digits:

AD: Country code (twoo letters).
CC: Control digits (two numbers).
BBBB: Bank account code (four numbers).
SSSS: Bank account code (four numbers).
ZZZZ ZZZZ ZZZZ: Account number (twelve digits).

Where can I get the IBAN code? 

Your banking entity will provide you with your account number in IBAN format.

Information Telephone Numbers:
ANDBANK Telephone Banking: 73 90 11
MORABANC Telebanc: 88 48 84
CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ Customer Service: 88 88 88