Customer information

Practical information on payment systems

Customer information

Electronic payments

All the information customers may need regarding their accounts. Transfers, IBAN formats, payroll and other electronic formats.

TPVS payment system

Point of sale terminals are a means of payment used by businesses to accept customer’s non-cash payments.

What is SWIFT and how does it work?

Also called BIC (Bank Identifier Code) it is an alphanumeric code that identifies the receiving bank when a transfer is made.

What is IBAN format and how does it work?

Essential for understanding what the commonly used International Bank Account Numbre is and how it works.

Sector-wide agreement 2020: deferment of payment of credits or loans under Covid

The Andorran Banks have reached a sector-wide agreement that will allow businesses and families which have been affected by the coronavirus crisis to postpone the repayment of their credit obligations.

Sector-wide agreement 2022: Programme to suport vulnerable families

Andorran banks have agreed on a joint measure that will allow companies and families financially affected by Covid-19 to defer payment of the principal of credits or loans.

Digital transformation

The trend in the Andorran banking industry in the last few years has been to prioritise technological investment

Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability has become a sign of our times.