Bank regulations

The regulatory framework of reference

Bank regulations

Basic principles of the MiFID directive

Fundamental concepts of the EU directive on financial instruments markets.

Solvency (CRD IV and CRR)

The aim of Law 35/2018 of 20 December on the solvency, liquidation and prudential supervision of credit institutions and investment firms is to increase the resilience of Andorra’s banking and financial sector.

Deposit guarantee and investor compensation schemes

Following what is set at European level, the guaranteed deposit amount is limited to €100,000.

SEPA payment system

A common zone for citizens, businesses and other economic agents to make and receive payments in euros.

Payment services

Under the Monetary Agreement, Andorra undertook to implement Directive 2007/64/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on means of payment in the internal market.

Banking Recovery and Resolution (BRRD1) 

This parameter is an additional and supplemental layer to the capital, liquidity and leverage requirements.

What is IFRS?

A decree that approves the international accounting framework for entities operating in the Andorran financial system.

Creation of international reserves and access by the financial system to emergency liquidity assistance

On 24 November 2022, the General Council approved Law 36/2022 on the creation of international reserves and access by the financial system to emergency liquidity assistance.


The new law modernises the regulatory and supervisory regime for the insurance and reinsurance sector and brings it into line with international standards.

Monetary Agreement

As of April 1, 2012, the entry into force of the Monetary Agreement, the Andorran legal order has been modified to adapt to legal acts and the European Union regulations set out in the annex Of the Agreement.

Digital assets and blockchain

This law offers a balance between innovation, the market, society’s preferences, technological development and the current legal framework.