Andorran Banking renews its support for Càritas Andorrana, which began six years ago, with a contribution of 6,000 euros that will go to the NGO’s primary care programme.

The Càritas primary care programme seeks to offer solutions to different problems related to food, housing, health, schooling, transport, access to supplies and others to improve the conditions of families and individuals. In the last two years, with a work of assessment, monitoring and accompaniment carried out by social workers, Càritas has improved the lives of numerous families who have seen their disposable income reduced with the consequent impoverishment that can affect different aspects of their lives.

The aim of Andorran Banking is to promote and support entities and organisations that work on projects that benefit Andorran society.

At the presentation ceremony, the president of Càritas Andorrana, Amadeu Rocamora, said: “Andorran Banking’s contribution is very important for our primary care programme. It allows us to expand our action and reach more people in times of great need. We are very grateful for this continued support”. On behalf of Andorran Banking, Esther Puigcercós, general manager, said, “We are committed to contributing to the welfare of our community, and the continuity of this collaboration with Càritas Andorrana is a sign of our commitment. In times of economic challenges, it is essential to join forces to minimise the negative impact and support those who need it most”.