Andorran Banking has collaborated with Fundació Privada Nostra Senyora de Meritxell with a grant of 5,000 euros to finance the purchase of an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment tool. This environment helps to improve cognitive skills and treat anxiety disorders, such as phobias, of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The tool has software with a wide range of interactive content that represents real environments without the need to use a headset or virtual reality eyewear. The audiovisual material -computer-generated- allows people to move in a virtual environment designed specifically for each case, with several benefits at a therapeutic level. The therapeutic interventions that FPNSM will carry out with ERVI will be developed mainly with the support of a psychologist. Other specialists will also be able to guide these interventions in their disciplines, such as physiotherapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists.

Andorran Banking promotes and supports programs that favor and guarantee humanitarian projects and the welfare of society in general as well as the most disadvantaged sectors.