• Android technology terminals offer an adaptation for people with reduced vision or visual disability.

The point-of-sale terminals (POS) managed by the Andorran banks have already the new functionality that allows people with reduced vision or visual disability to give conformity to the payment operation carried out through the credit or debit card.

The new functionality activates a descriptive audio that, through a sequence of voice commands, indicates the position of the keyboard inside the POS so that the person can make the payment with total security. Likewise the audio retransmits the amount of the corresponding payment operation, a novelty with respect to the old POS where the person had to give conformity to the transaction without being able to validate that the amount was the correct one.

The terminal model that has been installed in Andorra is the same that is being implemented in neighboring countries.

The merchants have at their disposal a user’s guide to know all the possibilities that the new payment terminal gives them. www.andorranbanking.ad