Integrity and  commitment

As the year ends, it is always a good time to analyze the most important impacts on our sector and how, with the values, experience and security that define us, we face the future.

The Andorran financial system has experienced a stable year with solid growth. The macroeconomic context, together with a strong business base, has pushed the results upwards. We are a key sector within the Andorran economy and we drive Andorra's economic growth with investment, innovation, financing, quality services and the recruitment of a qualified and professional employees. It should be emphasized how our dedication to excellence and personalization makes us stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

This December, the Government of Andorra and the European Commission signed an Association Agreement, after 10 years of negotiation, which will mark a turning point for Andorran banks and, by extension, for the country. The protocol for the financial market, which will have 15 years of derogation before its opening, will totally homologate the sector with the EU and will give new opportunities of growth within the Andorran market and of the Andorran entities towards the Common Market. Andorran Banking has worked with the Government to achieve, within the objectives of the negotiation, a balanced and proportional position of the sector. This agreement will redraw the panorama for the financial future of Andorra. And undoubtedly, the banking entities will do so to continue consolidating Andorra's position as a trusted financial center within and beyond our borders, providing security to its clientele.

By 2024, we will continue to fullfil our values of integrity and commitment, which set us apart, and which will allow us to grow and drive the country forward.

Andorran Banking wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!

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The nearly 5,000 point-of-sale (POS) terminals in Andorra have now a new feature that allows people with reduced vision or visual disability to approve a payment transaction made with a credit or debit card.

The new functionality activates a descriptive audio that, through a sequence of voice commands, indicates the position of the keyboard inside the POS so that the person can make the payment with total security. The audio also streams the amount of the corresponding payment transaction.


Andorran Banking and its social support to the most disadvantaged population


Fundació Privada Tutelar

The Fundació Privada Tutelar (FPT) and the Association of Andorran Banks (ABA) have renewed the agreement under which the tutelary entity will receive an amount of 45,000 euros over three years from the ABA.

The two entities share the same objective of generating value and promoting the social welfare of citizens while facing current social challenges. This agreement allows to advance in this objective and to reinforce the help to the families with more difficulties.



The objective of Andorran Banking is to promote and guarantee that the entities and organizations that work in projects that benefit Andorran society. For this reason, Andorran Banking renews its support to Càritas Andorrana with a contribution of 6,000 euros that will go to the NGO's primary care program.



Andorran Banking has renewed the collaboration with UNICEF, which began eight years ago, with the contribution of 6,000 euros that will go to projects to alleviate the needs of children in vulnerable situations through the program Inspired Gifts-Gifts that save lives of UNICEF.


Fundació Nostra Senyora

de Meritxell 

Andorran Banking has collaborated with the Fundació Privada Nostra Senyora de Meritxell with a grant of 5,000 euros to finance the purchase of an Immersive Virtual Reality tool. This environment helps to improve cognitive skills and treat anxiety disorders, such as phobias, of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Andorra Crea

Andorran Banking stands out for its dedication to promoting humanitarian and cultural initiatives that benefit society in general. This year it has collaborated with the Ministry of Culture with Andorra Crea, a festival of creation and diffusion of the arts made in the country, which takes over from 'La cultura no s’atura'. The initiative has had the objective of promoting national contemporary creation and bringing it closer to the citizenship; to stimulate the hiring of Andorran artistic proposals abroad and to consolidate the joint institutional support to the sector.

KHRÔMA. The Emotional Universe of Colour

The exhibition at the Museu Carmen Thyssen in Escaldes-Engordany consists of 34 paitings by artists from 19th century currents to pop and contemporary art. It focuses on six groups of colours: dark, red, orange, green, blue and polychrome; each of which recreates a monochrome and a general communion that embodies the links between all the paintings that form it.